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Power Generation


Power utilities endorse a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) policy on wet cooled stations. Typically settling and evaporation ponds are used to evaporate excess water and cooling tower blow down liquid. With ageing infrastructure it happens that these water bodies come under pressure. This is especially the case during extremely wet seasons.

Evaporation ponds remain a cost competitive solution for ZLD, albeit the large land areas required. Forced evaporation can reduce the required evaporation area by as much as 14 times. In cases of emergencies evaporation, plants can eliminate in excess of 1 ML a day.

Mining (Pit de-watering)


Forced evaporation is in many cases the logical extension of natural evaporation used on tailings dams. Tailings dams require large land areas to naturally evaporate water and concentrate the solids and salts in tailings. The use of forced evaporation can aid this process, especially where water levels are excessive and there are risks of spills or discharge of dirty water. 

Forced evaporation can also be used in the design of new tailings dams to reduce the required land area and the associated cost of construction. Forced evaporation is also very effective for dewatering pits with dirty water.

The advantages of the Enervap range of forced evaporation units are:

  • Smaller land area for the same evaporation rates in tailings dams.
  • Emergency lowering of tailings dam levels to reduce risk spills.
  • Effective tool to manage dam water levels.
  • Pit dewatering.
  • Movable on sites, and compatible with different types of water.
  • Reduce size of new tailings dams to lower capital expenditure, environmental liability and dam rehabilitation costs.
  • Extend the life of existing tailings dams, instead of building a new dam.

Forced evaporation can in many cases help to protect the environment by safely evaporating excess water from dams instead of discharging it in the rainy seasons, causing pollution of our scarce clean water sources. Our range of evaporators can be used in highly acidic to highly alkaline waters. Using our proprietary software and control algorithms water can be safely evaporated without causing environmental contamination.