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Predictive Water Balance Studies


Water balance studies


Dam levels can only be effectively managed if the sources and outflows are well understood.  As part of our evaporation solutions we always make an effort to evaluate all the sources to ensure that water as a valuable resource is not unnecessarily evaporated if it could be otherwise managed.

This is done through predictive water balance studies and  on-site measurement of water consumption, if required. 

Enervap also has the backing of Flownex® SE simulation software for more complex water networks,  as well as the prediction of future dam levels using Monte Carlo analyses.

Together with the client, customized predictive water balance models is developed which typically include the following functionality:

  • Statistical modelling of the rainfall and evaporation rates using Monte-Carlo methods;
  • Statistical modelling of the inflows (if enough data is available);
  • Inclusion of all catchment areas;
  • Modelling of high and low rainfall scenarios;
  • Modelling of dam levels and water volumes;
  • Modelling of new dams;
  • Inclusion of economic factors;
  • Influenceof water resources on LOM;
  • Easy evaluation of different scenarios;
  • Model calibration;
  • Modelling of the water balance based on historical data.


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SMI evaporation


Forced Evaporation


We value our environment. We therefore make sure our solutions are feasible within environmental constraints.





Prediction tools


Our proprietary software is validated to predict evaporation rates and drift for any evaporation technology.



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Water Balance Studies


Combining practical experience and validated software allows us to give the best advice on managing water levels.